Alva DOGSTAR STUBBIE skateboard deck - BLUE

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The Stubbie is back for a LTD Release. We have brought this popular board back in honor of Tony Alva's Dog "Earl Boynkins" who was the inspiration for the artwork on this board and others. Earl unfortunately left us for another life early this year so this run is for you Earl!


Brainchild of Tony Alva,
The Dogstar Stubbie is a direct descendant of the Dogstar
retaining the same high energy lines that Alva Skates is known for
having in all their skateboards.
The decks deep concave, nose & kick tail has been
primarily designed for backyard pools, skate parks and pipes.
The art work was inspired by one of Tony Alva’s dogs
(gnarly little Mexican hairless chihuahua)
'Earl' floating in space.
Deep Concave with Wheel Wells.

10” x 31” W/ 16.25” WB

7ply Canadian Maple made & Silk Screened in San Diego, CA - U.S.A.