Alva Tom Groholski GUEST MODEL skateboard deck - WHITE RED

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ALVA SKATES is proud to introduce the Tom Groholski Guest Model. Groholski, commonly known as the “Jersey Devil” is a skater who rose from Brunswick New Jersey in the late 70’s, early 80’s. He was an icon and revolutionary skater from the North East who dominated places like Cherry Hill Skatepark. Described as one of the first nomadic skateboarders of the 80’s Tom is known for his unique style, innovative board designs, and is credited with inventing the “hurricane” grind. We are very proud to bring you the newest Tom Groholski Model with original art by Tony Squindo.


33" x 9.25" w/ 15" WB

7ply Canadian Maple made & Silk Screened in San Diego, CA - U.S.A.