Black Label Riky Barnes RED BARON skateboard deck - RED

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When we started Lucero Ltd back in 1988, I Never thought we would make it 30 Years! But we did! Riky Barnes was the first team rider and still Surfs and Skates the Curbs of Huntington Beach today! His first Pro model came out in 1989. I originally sketched out this art for his second board but ended up going with the DEVO inspired Riky 2. Twenty eight years later I found the sketch and inked it! So in honor of Labels 30 Year Anniversary, here is the never before released Riky Red Baron! on the original Riky 2 Shape! 10.25” X 31.5” with Double Drilled 14.5” or 15” wheelbase. Full White or Red Dip, and Original Art by John Lucero