G&S Gordon & Smith FibreFlex NEIL BLENDER model Skateboard COMPLETE - SUNSET

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 Neil Blender, has always loved the unique properties of unidirectional fibreglass & recently finished R&D to finalize his own FibreFlex Signature Model.

You will notice that the tail is wider than the nose, in a pig shape reminiscent of an old Velzy “Pig”. Neil has spent the last 9 months to make it a perfect ride.

Niel moved the peak of the camber toward the back foot placement for better control of the pop and flex.

These decks come drilled to fit Neil's Heated Wheel Trucks in a limited edition 2-tone just for this release. 

Dimensions: 27.25" L x 6.25" W
Wheelbase: 17"

Sofa Tone wheels and Heated Wheel Trucks by Neil Blenders Heated Wheel company.