H-Street DANNY WAY OG reissue skateboard deck BLACK HOLE - METALIC GREEN A Series

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Danny Way Black Hole OG | A Series

Danny Way’s Adult Size board was drawn by Francesco Jekill Albertini and was his third or fourth graphic with H-Street (Danny decided to draw his own graphic somewhere in this same time frame, The Question Mark).

We thought Danny should have a larger board, since the Giant and The Rabbit in the Hat were quite small, even for that time. Given that Danny was Pro at a really young age, this was understandable.

So the board became more known for its size than the name of the graphic and while it’s been called a few different things online over the years, Francesco refers to the graphic as “Black Hole”, which we take as some type of apocalyptic vision.

Tony Mag re-created the artwork from a really well preserved original board from Danny’s collection.

We are now re-issuing this classic design on the original shape with the old school hole pattern on the Hell Concave.

Handmade in San Diego by Watson Laminates and silk screened.

 31.6 X 10 / NOSE 4.9 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 15 Hell Concave