H Street MATT HENSLEY King Size EAGLE reissue Skateboard Deck - NATURAL "C" Series

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Legendary skateboarders Stevie Caballero and Matt Hensley got to talking about the upcoming re-release of the iconic Hensley King Size Ltd Edition.  Stevie was down to re-draw of the classic design in his rather unique art style to create a truly one of a kind Hensley graphic.

The board is handmade and silk screened at Watson Lam on the Supreme Concave with a slightly modified specs from the original Kingsize shape, Supreme Concave and a new school hole pattern, making it a perfect Park&Pool rider or a collectible. There are only 100 made in the C Series.

32.95 X 9.25 / NOSE 7 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 15