Pocket Pistols Prime Jeremy Henderson GONZ lost Mark Gonzales Art 1991 Skateboard

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Beyond influential NYC OG Jeremy Henderson was already a skateboard legend by the time Gonz met him in the 80's. Jeremy was one of the first pros from New York, he also lived in England in the late 70's skating all the parks there before coming back to NYC. Gonz spent a lot of time with Jeremy in NY. Staying at his house for months at a time. Both o them being artists, Jeremy and Gonz were constantly skating and working on art. During one of his stays in 1991, Gonz drew a graphic for Jeremy on a sample board he had from the company that hew was riding for at the time. This graphic has never been seen until now! Prime Heritage X Pocket Pistols created this limited deck now for the very first time on an amazing shape. Art is killer.