Pool King / Alva Stefaun Reform School composite skateboard deck - RED

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Michael Stefaun's roots are in street skating. Therefore, it's only natural that his pool shape closely resembles the traditional, double-end, twin tip shape that so many street decks incorporate. As well as being somewhat of an "untraditional" pool shape, Michael's Pool King deck is constructed using polymer composites and 5 plys of hard rock maple veneers. These composite decks are generally 8 ounces lighter than standard 7 ply wood decks of the same size and shape and seem to retain their "pop" or stiffness for a longer time as well.


Construction: 5 ply maple, 2 ply Polymer Composite. Pressed in San Diego, California USA.

33.5" x 8 7/8" -- 15.5"WB

Tail: 6.75 inches.

Nose: 6.75 inches.

Concave: Smooth and even throughout, very nice.