PRIME / WORLD INDUSTRIES "O" Guest Artist Skateboard - PURPLE

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 "O" Guest Art Board "World Enterprises"

Ever wonder where World Industries got it's name ?

From the man who coined the name "World Industries" comes this limited run art board based around the original inspiration for  "World Enterprises". 

O took inspiration from the Bowie movie The Man Who Fell To Earth where the alien (Bowie) used it's superior intelligence to capitalize on the human condition. The alien named it's company World Enterprises. O felt Rocco should in turn take over the modern world and so... "World Industries" was born.

The graphic depicts several layers of influence from that historic time in skateboard history as well as the movie. The result is this very unique piece of art.

This is the first of a series of ridable art curated by O. 

Art is killer. Get one while they last.