Tracker Trucks 5.5" axle 2.625" hanger Classic Haftracks with DART BASE SET

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5.5" axle (2.625″ hanger) Haftrack w/ Gnarly Pivot Old school and new school bolt pattern on Dart Base Plates. Set of 2.

We recently decided to break out the original Haftrack molds with the gnarly pivots that never made it to a full production run.

“In 1978 we introduced all of our truck sizes with Gnarly Pivots. As decks grew considerably in the second half of 1978, reaching 9″ to 10” or more- sales of the Haftracks slowed down considerably, since we had a huge stock of the small pivot Haftracks, we never went into production on the Gnarly Tracker Haftrack. So let us all observe a moment of silence CELEBRATION for the death RE-BIRTH of the tracker haftrack” – Larry