Tracker 161mm (8.78″) Bill Danforth SixTrack DART Trucks SET of 2 - BLACK SILVER

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The Tracker Bill Danforth 161mm dart takes its design and turn angle from the Trackers of the late 1970’s, but adds the classic “American Nomad ” skull design logo to the hanger. The Dart is a medium height truck, which allows for more wheel clearance reducing wheel bite. The truck has a sort of surf feel, very stable at high rates of speed and predictable in action. One thing is certain; the dart has a truck size to fit your application guaranteed!
Tracker uses 356 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, 4140 Chromoly steel axles and grade 8 kingpins in all of our trucks. Every part of this truck was proudly hand built / inspected in the U.S.A and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
All Dart models come with Trackers signature Superball bushings in three hardness choices. 82a blue swirl, 88a orange swirl, or 95a green swirl. Each set comes with two american nomad custom mini stickers!