Powell Peralta RAY BONES BriteLite Snub Nose SKULL & SWORD Skateboard Deck TEAL

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Powell Peralta RAY BONES Snub Nose SKULL & SWORD Deck 

ZERO Concave and with just a 1.25" Nose...

Initially released in two distinctly different shapes; a 10" x 30" "Widetail" version and a 10" x 28.5" "Snub Nose,” it came in "Brite-Lite" Dayglo yellow, orange, purple and green. In years to follow, it was made in various different colors and a Powell-Peralta logo was added. In 1983 Ray's signature was removed and replaced with a Powell-Peralta script logo. 

Originally Released: 1979

Artwork by: Vernon Courtlandt Johnson

Features:  old school truck hole pattern