G&S Jeff Phillips 1st PRO MODEL GRAPHIC Skateboard - WARPED DECK

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G&S JEFF PHILLIPS 1983 REISSUE - Silk Screened Glass Breaking Graphic 

As we all know, Jeff Phillips was an incredible skateboarder. 


From the small run that was made a few were twisted

Back Story - While attending the 2019 Skateboarding Hall of Fame awards, we saw Jeff's Sister accepting his Hall of Fame Award and talking about Jeff's childhood and Skateboarding years.

We got in touch with her to get the Phillips Family blessing to release his very first Pro Model as a rookie with G&S in his early days of what was to become an amazing Skateboarding Career.

Jeff rode for G&S for a short period of time in very early 80's and his Rookie Pro Model was released in 1983.  And as seen in this very old G&S Ad there was supposed to be a second that never came out..