Rainskates Hornet Conical wheels 65mm 98A YELLOW

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This is the formula that really put Rainskates on the map back in 2004, when they started showing up in parks all around the country. The Rainskates yellow/98a wheels started with the 62mm Yellow Jacket in 2004. It was followed by the 65mm Hornet, the 59mm Killer Bee, the 54mm Mini-Bee, and lastly by the "RS 57". These wheels are responsible for giving Rainskates the international recognition they now enjoy, as their combination of speed & grip is unmatched in other wheels this hard.

Over the past Decade, these wheels have been ridden by some of the best riders out there, and many people use this as their "go-to" wheel when exploring new spots, as it can always be counted on!

65mm 98a Double angled conical.